Full Hunter’s Moon

by Fiona Childs

Full Hunter’s Moon In Aries – October 20, 2021

? October’s full moon is called the Hunter’s moon representing the time of year when our ancestors would hunt and gather in preparation for winter. Now is a great time for contemplating the resources in your life. Assess what may be lacking, as well as what you are carrying around that is no longer needed.

Resources come in many forms ranging from physical resources like money, to emotional resources like love and support. Resources are always give and take, so this is also an excellent time to reflect on the ways you can give as well. After all, our ancestors didn’t prepare for winter with only themselves in mind; they did it as a community.

♈ Next, this full moon is in Aries. I’ve seen a few astrologers using the word “violent” to describe it and advising people to brace themselves. I am of the belief that astrology should always empower you, so I seriously cringe when I see this type of one-sided, shadowy advice.

…No question this moon is intense. Aries is ruled by Mars, also known as the “planet of war,” but this doesn’t mean YOU are going to war. Instead it’s about resolving the places of inner and outer conflict in your life by coming into greater alignment with your soul’s mission and purpose.

☀️ ? During a full moon the sun illuminates 100% of the moon’s face and the key point to keep in mind is that it exposes what needs to be exposed. This is never a bad thing, but it can feel massively uncomfortable when things are brought to the surface that we’ve been avoiding or that are simply hard.

Human Design: The moon is full in Gate 3, the Gate of Ordering, offering the opportunity to transcend confusion and create order so that something new can take hold in the world, through you.

? Key point: This moon is powerful, and she is reminding you – SO ARE YOU.