Hello Cancer Season

by Fiona Childs

As someone who has an exorbitant amount of fire placements in my chart, I welcome this time of the year when the Sun enters the cooling, soothing waters of Cancer. Water is so powerful, so healing, and so refreshing. I’m dipping my toe in right now, welcoming the first day of Cancer season, and it feels great.

Cancer season began today, June 21, at 5:14 eastern. Cancer holds such powerful and complex themes, but what I love most about Cancer is it is the time of year when we are reminded that we have everything we need within us. The crab is self-contained, bringing its home with it wherever it goes. That’s a key point to remember during this season – you, my friend, Cancer or not, have everything you need within you.

There’s also protection in Cancer. The hard exterior shell provides safety and security but also allows us to be vulnerable, peeking out as we please to interact with and respond to the outside world, explore, have fun, learn, grow, and evolve. Cancer reminds us we can do so safely, knowing we can always return to the protection of our wise inner world.

This doesn’t mean we are meant to be alone, but it does mean we are capable of manifesting whatever it is our hearts desire or need. Cancer is capable because it knows it is safe and has what it needs within. Cancer is also deep, intuitive, imaginative, fiercely loyal, and reminds us that it is safe to be ourselves. It’s safe to go deep, and it’s also safe to explore.

As you move through Cancer season, my wish is for you to trust in yourself, knowing you have everything you need inside you. You have the ability to access the parts of yourself that are wiser and more beautiful than perhaps you can even imagine. My wish for you is to go deep, like the crab, and discover those parts. Take time to explore. What opportunities await you this season? What doors are opening and calling you to enter? What waters invite you to take a dip?

Loving you,