Human Design Solar Transit – Gate 28

by Fiona Childs

Gate 28: The Gate of the Game Player

Gate 28 is located in the spleen center and connects to Gate 28 in the root center. It corresponds with I’Ching Hexagram – Preponderance of the Great.

GATE 28 Bodygraph

Human Design Gate 28 holds the deep-seated fear that you are living a life that has no real meaning. Likewise, it is afraid that you will get to the end of your life without having ever discovered what makes it worthwhile.

Stripped down, it is the fear of death.

Note that while the fear of death can sound rather grim, it is not dying itself that we are afraid of. Rather, it is the fear of dying without ever having lived fully.

It is the fear that life could end without ever figuring out what makes it worthwhile or what gives it meaning.

As with all aspects of life, the expression of this gate can take various forms.

In the low expression of Gate 28, we hold back and limit ourselves because life feels too hard, too risky or too scary. This then causes us to feel badly that we aren’t living a life filled with meaning and purpose.

In its high expression, we transform struggles into stepping stones that create awareness within us. We use this awareness to live more fully and expansively. Risk is assessed through the whisper of our intuition. We tune in and sense what struggles are worth working through, hard as they may be, and we know where to best invest our energy.

28 encourages us to truly engage in and “play” the game of life – to really immerse ourselves and not hold back out of fear. It reminds us that everything is transitory.

This gate is in Scorpio calling us to go deep below the surface, past the superficial, to the core of our potential. This life is yours to live and there’s no time to waste being afraid.

Gate 28 Pinterest Images

Human Design Gate 28 Pinterest Image
Human Design Gate 28 Pinterest Image