Full Beaver Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Taurus & Gate 8

by Fiona Childs

Full Beaver Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Taurus & Gate 8 – November 19 3:57 am EST

I hope you’ll enjoy the coppery hued moon during this once-in-a-lifetime (many lifetimes really) partial lunar eclipse. It’s the longest lunar eclipse in 580 years lasting about 3 hours 28 minutes. It should be visible from all of North America peaking at 4:03 AM ET. **I’m posting visibility chart in the comments.

Energetically, there’s so so so much happening here!

Eclipses bring sudden shifts, twists, turns, revelations, and most importantly, alignment. They point us in the right direction by assisting us in letting go of what needs to end and in doing so, finding the closure our hearts need.

On a personal level, it’s like the beginning of the next chapter in your story. You can’t take everything with you, especially because much of what you’ve been carrying has been far too hard and too heavy. If you get honest with yourself – like really truly honest – the truth is you know what needs to be released and, likewise, you know you’re worth it. I invite you to feel into it. Take this time to recognize and feel into the true preciousness that is you and what this next chapter holds for you. You are the one writing your story.

Likewise, the moon is also full in Human Design Gate 8, which tells us that we each have a unique contribution to make to the world. Gate 8 reminds us that the way to fulfill this is by BEing your authentic self.  

November’s full moon is also named the Beaver Moon, sometimes called the Frost Moon, representing the time of year in North America when the weather turns cold and final preparations are made for winter. It’s fitting that the moon is full in Taurus which holds themes surrounding material resources, safety, security, and worthiness

You are all designed to have your needs met and to be abundant. It’s a good time to simply savor and feel grateful for the blessings in your life. Again, feel into it. You deserve all good things and I hope that this full moon lunar eclipse helps you—

  • Let go and find the closure your heart needs right now
  • Reminds you of your value, simply for existing
  • Takes you to a place of deep love within yourself, exactly as you are


“Everything I want and need is available to me.”
“I am worthy, I’ve always been worthy and I will always be worthy.”

Love love love you,