Hello Sagittarius Season

by Fiona Childs

♐ Happy Birthday, Sags! ♐

After the intensity of Scorpio season, the Sun enters Sagittarius tonight, bringing a lighter energy filled with clarity, straightforwardness, expansion, and a positive outlook. Sagittarius’s ruler is Jupiter, the planet where are blessings come from.

Sag season brings:
? optimism
? good fortune & abundance
? luck
? protection
? independence
? honesty
? wisdom
? expansion and exploration

As we enter into the last full astrological season of the calendar year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on what this year has meant to you and to also feel into the excitement of what’s next.

Sag is standing in position, bow and arrow in hand, asking you to look out at the horizon…
? What lights you up?
? What creates a spark within you?
? What ignites your passion?

As you kindle your inner flame, I hope you feel the power of the energy that is uniquely YOU.

I invite you to remember just how glorious, worthy, and precious you are. Focus on the good. Be your own eternal optimist.

And if you are in a challenging season of life, Sag, the true eternal optimist, reminds you that even on the darkest days, the sun will shine tomorrow. Hold strong.

Loving you,