Full Moon in Capricorn 2022

by Fiona Childs

Happy Full Moon ? ? ♑ ? This full moon in Capricorn has me thinking of the goat traversing the side of the mountain. The mountain represents life and just like the goat, you, too, have been climbing. It’s time to take pause and reflect on how far you’ve journeyed, the obstacles you’ve overcome, and the ways in which you’ve grown and evolved. Whether you can see it or not, you’re not the same person you were 2 weeks ago when the cycle began. Life is always in flux and we are constantly changing. Along the same lines, as the moon begins to grow dark, you are invited to envision what lies ahead. The thing about Capricorn is she is intentional. So, it’s an excellent time to be deliberate in where you want to put your focus moving forward. Do so while also trusting in life’s natural unfolding. ?? ?

The Full Moon is also in Human Design Gate 61, The Gate of Mystery. This energy invites you into the quiet where you can tune in to your truth and what’s possible for you. No pressure, just wonder and awe.

Lastly, as is true with all full moons, it’s a time to celebrate you.

Wishing you Full Moon blessings of truth and love,