Hello Leo Season 2022

by Fiona Childs

☀️ The sun enters Leo today at 4:07 EDT. Ruled by the sun (the fuel of life itself), Leo is here to stoke your inner fire and encourage you to shine a bit more boldly and brightly. The lion warmly invites you to BE who you truly are (permission slip being drafted as we speak).

Leo season is filled with themes of self-integrity and authenticity. It’s a majestic, regal, and unapologetic vibe – in all the right ways. A natural leader, Leo reminds you that *you* are the leader of yourself. Cue Katy Perry, Roar while asking the questions, “Where have I been playing small?” and “Where have I been playing the role of someone that isn’t the real me?”

Also, cue The Lion Sleeps Tonight because lions know how important it is to rest. They love to nap. So, make time for lots and lots of rest and restoration this Leo season.

Last, all the lessons and work to be done in Leo have an air of playfulness. This is important… Maybe you can take a moment to laugh at yourself? Perhaps you can even take a moment to laugh at the past? Maybe you can take a moment to let out a giant roar? We tend to take life so seriously (and sometimes that’s absolutely warranted), but, in all of it, Leo wants you to really feel into the depths of being alive – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The sun transits through the following Human Design gates during Leo season:
7.22 (56) The voice of the storyteller. Our stories teach others and inspire others.
7.25 (31) The voice of leadership that guides society towards the future. 
7.31 (33) The voice of the past. Wisdom is revealed in moments of retreat and quiet contemplation.
8.6 (7) The power behind the leadership. Guiding and empowering others with wisdom and in service to the greater good. 
8.12 (4) Possibility thinking. The creation of potential answers – possibilities that can be explored and experimented with when invited. 
8.17 (29) Commitment and devotion to the right things despite difficulties.

Wishing you a bold and fantastic Leo season (with or without streaking).

Loving you,