Gate 47 – Human Design Solar Transit 9/9

by Fiona Childs

(Just like the sun moves through all 12 astrological signs in a year, it also transits through all 64 gates of the Human Design Mandala. The sun stays in each gate for about 6 days, activating the energy and intelligence of that gate. You can imagine each gate as a cosmic door. When the sun “shines” on that door, it opens up for 6 days allowing you to enter and experience the energy inside.)

Here are some themes for the next 6 days as the sun transits through Human Design Gate 47…

There is a deep human desire to make sense of and attach meaning to our experiences.

Gate 47 teaches us that making sense of the past is not for us to do through our own efforts. It’s not for us to “figure out.”

There are times in life when we have no choice but to sit in the discomfort of the mystery, and wait and trust.

Our only job is to hold on to hope and stay open while waiting. Mindset matters.

The reviewing, sorting, and organizing of the clips of the past will happen without all our thinking, thinking, thinking.

A-ha moments reveal answers to us when the timing is right.

Divine timing.

Also, with respect to the past that we hold within us, remember this too…
When one of us heals, we all heal.

Loving you,