Mercury Retrograde 9/9-10/2/2022

by Fiona Childs

On 9/9 at 11:38pm EDT Mercury stations retrograde in Libra with a theme of bringing things into balance, especially in one-on-one relationships.

Still in retrograde, Mercury moves into Virgo on 9/23 and the energy deepens. We revisit foundational type stuff, like tending to old wounds, and recommitting to our boundaries. We gain clarity here.

So, in other words, this retrograde will assist with balance and clarity. (Yay.)

Healthy boundaries like a mofo.

Recommit to yourself.

But will it be hard? Idk. Maybe. It’s not usually without challenges.

Just remember to slow down over the next 3+ weeks and know that the next level awaits you on the other side.

Loving you,