Hello Capricorn Season

by Fiona Childs

Happy Capricorn Season! ♑ The sun officially moved into Capricorn this morning at 10:59am EST. I’m currently taking most of this month off to rest after a very long year, but!… here’s a quickie for Capricorn season.

I am truly excited for Capricorn season and if I’m being totally honest I can literally feel that shift into Cap energy permeating my being today. (I am a Capricorn rising and I identify with Cap energy even more than my Sagittarius sun sign.)

Capricorn energy is steady, practical, and motivated. You persevere and nothing is impossible to you. Think of Capricorn’s symbol – the Goat (albeit a bit of a funky goat – lol!). Now think of how mountain goats can scale those tall cliffs with ease and grace. If you’ve ever seen them to do this on video or in real life, it seems effortless and, they do it without fear too. Caps, you really are the GOATs! ? ?

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, a slow moving and powerful planet. Saturn is the planet that rules our challenges. It’s also called “The Great Teacher.” Remember, our challenges are always our greatest teachers. There are blessings and growth in the challenges. Always. ?

Caps know they don’t need to convince anyone of anything. They know what they know and when everyone else is ready, that’s just fine. Capricorn energy does hold a sense of responsiblity to others though and that can feel like pressure a lot of the time – a big sense of responsiblity and obligation.

As an earth sign, Capricorns sense the instrinsic value of all they come in contact with, but sometimes can have a hard time really tuning into their own internal value. Many of us struggle with our sense of worthiness – its part of our humanness – but this can be heightened for Caps.

Lastly, Capricorns, your energy is irresistable. People are drawn to you. Your knowledge, your ways, your “you.” There’s just something about you and we love it! ? Thank you for being you, Caps.

Wishing you all a wonderful Capricorn season filled with all that your heart needs and desires. I hope that whether you are a Capricorn or not, you know you are valuable, worthy, and loved.

Loving you,