Hello Libra Season 2022 (and thoughts on “Balance”)

by Fiona Childs

The Sun enters Libra on September 22 at 9:04pm. We move from earthy Virgo, where there’s been a focus on physical, practical matters, into airy Libra (ruled by Venus), where things are more intangible.

Things like…

  • Love
  • Thoughts
  • Ideas
  • Beauty
  • Attraction
  • Fairness
  • Breath
  • Harmony

The first day of Libra season coincides with the first day of fall* – the Autumnal Equinox – a day where there is a balanced number of hours of sunlight and darkness.

Balance has been a triggering word for me for a while now. I love the idea of having balance in my life, but the truth is I’ve never found it.

It’s not like I haven’t tried. I most certainly have! And I’ve certainly felt the pressure from internet gurus and article headlines telling me I how important it is to find balance.

But anytime I think I’ve even come close to balance – poof, it’s gone.

The whole concept of balance in life is, imo, pretty loaded. It’s setup that makes us think we’re not doing life right.

If you think about it, today is one of two days in a year with a balanced amount of lightness and darkness.

The rest of the days = not balanced!

Balance is simply a point that the Sun moves through in it’s cycle.

Same for us, I believe.

When it comes to balance, we move through it at times, but it’s not meant to be an actual landing point. Rather, it’s a point of awareness.

So today, as the Sun moves into both the sign of balance and also gives us a balanced number of hours in lightness and darkness, I invite us all to let that sh*t go.

It’s not a matter of finding balance. It’s just a matter of being conscious of it.

Thank you, Sun, for the beautiful reminder.

As you move through the next several weeks of Libra season…
? May you be easy on yourself, knowing that balance is a loaded concept.
? May you consciously check in on how far you are from balance and course correct in whatever ways you can.
? May you be mindful of what you give your attention.
? May you relish in and appreciate the moments of harmony and peace.
? May you remember that life consists of cycles within cycles, and the hard seasons don’t last forever.
? May you trust deeply in yourself and the seasons of life.
? And may you feel more charming than ever before (just like Libra wants you to)!

Loving you,

*Today is the first day of Spring in the southern hemisphere.