New Moon in Libra 2022

by Fiona Childs

Wishing you a beautiful start to this new moon cycle as the moon fades to black in the sign of Libra and Human Design Gate 46.

New moons are when we set intentions and begin a new cycle.

With the moon transiting through Libra, our attention is on more “unseen” and “intangible” things. Things like… fairness, love, partnerships, and relationships. 

With the new moon being the one point in each moon cycle with the most darkness, we can often use our senses to feel into what may not have been apparent to us and see things in a new way. Similarly, Libra reminds us that there are two sides to everything. So what might you have been missing before now? What might you not have seen? Where might you not have been being fair? …to others? …to yourself?

The answers may help you navigate what’s next for you. 

Also in Human Design Gate 46, the new moon calls us to tune into any preparation necessary to set ourselves up for good fortune to find us. Likewise, to love and care for your physical body.

Wishing you new moon blessings as you set your intentions for the next moon cycle. 

Loving you,