Human Design Gate 57 Contemplations

by Fiona Childs

Contemplations as the sun finishes up its transit through Gate 57…

When I’m in a reading with someone, we usually talk about the places in their chart that show how they are intuitive.

The one thing people consistently tell me in readings is that they feel disconnected from their intuition. Either they can’t access it at all, or they can’t trust it, or it comes and goes and isn’t reliable.

(Side note: I’ll often look at Neptune placements to see how someone may be intuitive. So if you’re curious about your intuition, you can begin by looking there. But note that intuition also shows up in SO many other places in the chart.)

We are designed to be intuitive. It’s how humans have survived all this time.

Gate 57, the Gate of Intuitive Insight, aka “The Gentle,” gives us a “hack” for reconnecting to our intuition… Be gentle.

Be gentle, starting with yourself. Slow down. Breathe deeply. Connect to your senses. Be gentle with others. Be gentle with the world around you. 

Gentleness opens us up. It creates a totally different frequency that makes us receptive. What’s amazing about it is that it’s twofold – our gentleness also causes whatever is outside of us to open up and become receptive to us too.

Through this openness, we can tap into information that wasn’t previously accessible to us. 

This tapping in is intuition.

One thing I love about intuition is the yin-yang dynamic… As we open up and become receptive (yin), we gain access to p3netr*te into the external (yang).

So, as the sun makes its final transit through Gate 57 today, may we all be reminded to be gentle, especially with ourselves.

Love you so,

*Gentle sidenote – gentleness is not the same as weakness. Being gentle does not make you weak. It’s not about a lack of boundaries or anything like that. Gentleness is about seeing things and approaching things differently. You can be gentle and strong at the same time.

Human Design Gate 57 & Gene Key 57
The Gate of Intuitive Insight / The Gentle