Gate 57 – Human Design Solar Transit

by Fiona Childs

(Just like the sun moves through all 12 astrological signs in a year, it also transits through all 64 gates of the Human Design Mandala. The sun stays in each gate for about 6 days, activating the energy and intelligence of that gate. You can imagine each gate as a cosmic door. When the sun “shines” on that door, it opens up for 6 days allowing you to enter and experience the energy inside.)

Some themes for the next 6 days as the Sun transits through Human Design Gate 57…

Intuition & The Fear of Tomorrow

Everything has a frequency (vibration) associated with it. Places, people, weather, air, matter… everything! We’re designed to be able to perceive these frequencies.

This is also known as our intuition.

In more primitive times, humans were really good at tuning into their intuition. They would sense the frequencies around them in the environment and know what was safe or dangerous, and what would contribute to their well-being or not.

They could also feel changes in the vibrations around them – “changes in the wind” – giving them an intuitive sense of what was to come. 

Their survival depended on listening to their intuition.

Today, most people do not live in a state of awareness and are massively disconnected from their intuition.

There are many reasons why this is…

  • The world is busy and loud.
  • We’re overstimulated, and our attention is focused on artificial input.
  • We’re tired.
  • Intuition is often not logical.
  • Others tell us how we should think, act, and feel, causing us to override our intuition.
  • We’re trained to be people-pleasers, putting others’ needs ahead of what we know to be true and correct for us.

Interestingly, we feel most afraid of the future when disconnected from the present moment.

Gate 57 reminds us to stay connected to our intuition. To feel into the frequencies that are always there, guiding and directing us on what’s good and healthy, what’s not, and also what we need to know to prepare for our next moves.

Our awareness in the present moment alleviates the fear of tomorrow. 

Wishing you the highest vibes and deepest lessons of Gate 57.

Love you so,