Jupiter Retrograde 2022

by Fiona Childs

Jupiter stationed retrograde yesterday at 4:37 pm, and I’m wondering if it was an intense day for you emotionally?

The first day of retrograde is typically when we feel it the most. A planet’s sudden “stop” and subsequent “backward movement” can give a bit of cosmic whiplash before we settle into it. (This is especially true for longer retrogrades that last for months, like Jupiter.)

When a planet stations retrograde, you get to review how the themes of that planet are playing out in your life.

Jupiter represents your blessings and rewards. The neat thing about Jupiter is that it’s always dancing with Saturn (The Great Teacher), which is also retrograde right now.

While Saturn wants you to affirm you’re ready to burn away what’s holding you back, Jupiter wants you to collect the rewards that are waiting for you as a result. (Saturn shows you the limitations. Jupiter shows you the expansion.)

These two giants are lovingly taking pause so you can level up with clarity.  


Whatever you thought was over might come knocking at your door again. Just to make sure you’re clear.

Your boundaries might be tested, reminding you to stand firm… or not.

Old stories might resurface, letting you know that you can keep the previous ending, or by all means, make some edits if you want.

It’s do-over time… your chance to modify or solidify.

As you journey through the next four months, I invite you to love yourself a bit extra and to remember that you are worthy, deserving, and valuable. This is true through all the redos, all the mistakes and the triumphs, all the messy, complicated, ugly, and stunningly real moments that are part of your existence.

Lastly, remember planets don’t actually move backward. It’s just an illusion. It’s like when you’re in the car, and your foot is on the brake, but it suddenly feels like you’re rolling backward. You freak out for a sec before you realize it’s the truck next to you that’s actually moving, not you. So during this retrograde, remember, you’re not actually traveling backward. It’s just a time for review.

It’s time to unlock your blessings.

Loving you,