Full Moon in Aquarius 2022

by Fiona Childs

The full moon is when we pause to reflect on the changes that have transpired in the past few weeks and take note of how far we’ve come. It’s time to celebrate and give thanks. It’s also the time when we expose and release what is no longer serving us.

August’s full moon is in Aquarius. 

Aquarius is one of the signs I am pretty familiar with but have never been able to understand very well. I have tangibly experienced Aquarius energy throughout my entire life as I have had some significant Aquarius relationships (mother, daughter, stepdaughter, Justin Timberlake.) They never cease to surprise me in their paradoxical ways – tender and fragile, yet powerful and mighty.

Ruled by Uranus, the unpredictable energy of Aquarius is what gets me. Aquarius energy will show you what’s what, but in such an interesting way because at the same time as Aquarius exposes the present, it also shows you a vision of the future. If you’ve spent time with an Aquarius, you know what I’m talking about… and they don’t even mean to do this! Instead, they simply embody this energy, and it’s truly profound to be a part of. Aquarians are our great teachers. They will, without intending to, awaken you (whether you want to be awakened or not).

So as the moon shines brightly in Aquarius tonight, may whatever needs to be exposed in your life be exposed. May you see it clearly, and not shy away from it. May it wake you up and direct you to your next right steps. May you also embrace the contradictions that reside within you, knowing you never have to choose to be one way or the other – you can be all of it simultaneously, even if it doesn’t make sense.

And as you celebrate how you’ve expanded over the past moon cycle, may whatever is meant to be released fall away with ease and grace.

Also in Human Design Gate 49, tonight’s full moon asks you to reflect on what matters to both you and the people you love. Embrace what’s right for you and your people, and reject what’s not.

Sending you full moon blessings!

Loving you,