Uranus Retrograde 8/24/2022-1/22/2023

by Fiona Childs

There are a few times a year when people reach out to me asking wtf is going on in the cosmos because they’re feeling really off, or weird, or struggling in a way that’s unusual for them. Inevitably it’s always around the time of giant planet retrogrades.

So this is why we’re taking a look at Uranus today. ?

Uranus stationed retrograde this morning and will stay that way for about 5 months. The energy of giant planet retrogrades is subtle, but the first few days and days leading up to it can feel really strange, even disruptive. That sudden “stop” is what impacts us. But after that the only thing you need to do is be aware and receptive, and let the energy do its thing. Like riding a wave… pay attention, let it guide you to new ways of seeing things.

Retrogrades give us the chance to fix stuff because they offer us a glance back at the past and provide us with insight to make changes we want to make based on what we’ve experienced.

New perspectives will inevitably come your way.

Uranus is known as “The Great Awakener.” It is a planet of spontaneity and intuition, and shows you the ways you are different. The most awesome thing about it is that freedom lies in these themes.

As you move through the next 5 months of Uranus Retrograde…

? May better ways be revealed to you.

? May things that have seemed complicated become clear and even simple.

? May you break free from any oppression that has been holding you back, especially oppression imposed by your own self.

? May you tune in to your inner knowing and trust it.

? May you peel away layers that have felt like a lot to hold on to.

? May you slow down wherever you can and be free.

Loving you,


PS – This Uranus Retrograde is in Taurus (it has been since March 2019 and will remain so until April 2026). Taurus is about grounding, security and stability. This has everything to do with real world energy – material goods, finances, food, wealth, possessions and everything you experience in the physical world. So, may you also have everything you need and then some.