Hello Virgo Season 2022

by Fiona Childs

The Sun enters Virgo tonight at 11:16pm EDT. Virgo energy is so so so good. She’s grounded, steady, intelligent, organized, wildly capable, driven, receptive, and, contrary to many accounts, definitely not a virgin.

Far from naive or inexperienced, Virgo has been around the block. This is how she knows what she knows. Her experiences have made her wise.

Virgo is the divine feminine herself. The goddess of the harvest ensuring that we, as a species, have what we need to survive and flourish.

As you move through the next several weeks of Virgo season…
? May exactly what you need become clear.
? May you tune in to just how capable you truly are.
? May you see the details you may have been missing.
? May you find some semblance of order in the areas that have felt chaotic.
? May you love, honor, and care for your body.
? May you feel safe to heal old wounds.
? May wounds you didn’t know existed be exposed, so you can tend to them.
? May you move deliberately, with ease, grace, and tender loving care.
? And may you be divinely guided to whatever is next for you.

The Sun transits through the following Human Design gates during Virgo season:
8/23 – Gate 59: Sexuality. Intimacy and bonding.
8/29 – Gate 40: Aloneness. Healthy boundaries, rest, and restoration are vital.
9/4 – Gate 64: Confusion. It’s not your job to make sense of the past. Clarity will emerge when the timing is right.
9/10 – Gate 47: Realization. You don’t need to figure everything out. Relax. The “aha!” moments will come to you.
9/15 – Gate 6: Friction. Progress. Discernment in who you are intimate with.
9/21 – Gate 46: Determination of The Self. Devotion to and honoring your physical body.

Love love love you,