Gate 18 – Human Design Solar Transit 9/26

by Fiona Childs

(Just like the sun moves through all 12 astrological signs in a year, it also transits through all 64 gates of the Human Design Mandala. The sun stays in each gate for about 6 days, activating the energy and intelligence of that gate. You can imagine each gate as a cosmic door. When the sun “shines” on that door, it opens up for 6 days allowing you to enter and experience the energy inside.)

Some themes for the next 6 days as the Sun transits through Human Design Gate 18…

Correcting Patterns & Healing

To make something better, we must first notice that it’s not working. Gate 18 is the energy for tuning into what’s wrong, whether it’s entirely broken or just suboptimal.

This includes anything and everything! Relationships, machines, health, systems, governments…

You name it, Gate 18 energy shows us where there’s a flaw and how to make it better.

Improving things is the human way. It’s what people have done for all time. Our collective survival depends on it. But, unfortunately, it’s easy to get out of hand, becoming overly critical and finding fault in everything we see, especially in others and ourselves.

The lesson is to know what actually needs to be fixed and what is just fine as it is.

Also, to not get caught up in perfectionism. There will always be something that could be fixed, something that could be better, something to feel dissatisfied with.

Be guided by what brings true joy, vitality, and well-being.

This is healing <3

Wishing you the highest vibes and deepest lessons of Gate 18.

Loving you,