Gate 48 – Human Design Solar Transit 10/2

by Fiona Childs

(Just like the sun moves through all 12 astrological signs in a year, it also transits through all 64 gates of the Human Design Mandala. The sun stays in each gate for about 6 days, activating the energy and intelligence of that gate. You can imagine each gate as a cosmic door. When the sun “shines” on that door, it opens up for 6 days allowing you to enter and experience the energy inside.)

Themes for the next 6 days as the Sun transits through Human Design Gate 48…

Depth & The Fear of Inadequacy

This is the energy of going deep. Taking your natural abilities and traveling deep into the well, learning, studying, analyzing, figuring out, training, experiencing, practicing, and repeating again and again and again.

The world needs people who go to the depths. People who hone their natural talent and go deep to become wise and masterful.

Think of a surgeon. They must go deep in their learning and training. They must also continually evolve to do their best.

The same goes for the Olympic athlete, the concert pianist, the dentist, the chef, the dog trainer, the parent, and really anyone! Going deep makes us really, really good at what we do.

The shadow arises, though, when the desire to go deep is driven by the fear of inadequacy. The fear that you’re not good enough. That you will never be good enough. The fear is that you don’t know what you need to know or won’t know what you need to know.

Driven by this fear, you constantly feel like you need to do better. So you overprepare, beat yourself up, and try to find security by knowing more and more and more. You might even hold back from sharing your gifts with the world because you feel like you don’t know enough and are not ready.

The thing about going deep is that the deeper you go into the well, well, the deeper and deeper you can go. There will always be something you don’t know or could do better.

Going deep is neverending.

Gate 48 invites you to go deep but also reminds you that you probably know more than you think. You’re probably better at what you do than you realize.

That you are enough.

And to please not hold back. The world needs you to share your gifts and your unique genius.

Wishing you the highest vibes and deepest lessons of Gate 48.