Uranus Retrograde

by Fiona Childs

Uranus is retrograde August 19, 2021 – January 18, 2022

Retrogrades give us an opportunity to fix stuff. They offer us a glance back at the past and provide us with insight to make changes we want to make based on what we’ve experienced. This pause is like a cosmic do-over giving us the ability to see with 20/20 vision what needs to change. The energy of a retrograde can be subtle but it can also be jolting, chaotic and quite disruptive.

Uranus Retrograde is known as “The Great Awakener.” It goes retrograde once a year and stays that way for about 5 months giving off energy of transformation. It provides us with the ability to make changes, both within ourselves and as a collective, much more easily.

Depending on whether or not you have a desire to make changes in your life, this Uranus Retrograde may feel like welcomed guide clearing a path for growth, or a bit like drill sergeant at a boot camp you didn’t necessarily want to sign up for. Either way, you will come out the other side of it changed for the better, whatever that may mean for you!

This Uranus Retrograde is in Taurus (it has been since March 2019 and will remain so until April 2026). Taurus is about grounding, security and stability. This has everything to do with real world energy – material goods, finances, food, wealth, possessions and everything you experience in physical form.

During the next 152 days, if you are not being true to yourself, you are definitely going to feel it. This retrograde is about stepping into a truer version of yourself and finding freedom in being you.

Work to peel away the layers of conditioning. Uranus Retrograde will help you see the ways in which you operate that are not true to yourself, versus what actually belongs to you as a true expression of who you are.

Contemplate what it means to embrace your true self and to live authentically. Then, do the work! This is about actually embodying and being, rather than just “knowing.” Be! Be! Be! Liberate yourself by BEING you, not what your family, friends, coworkers, the world, expect you to be. This may feel like an act of rebellion, but that’s what it’s all about. The result: Freedom.